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Nawsons helps our clients create cost savings on infrastructure and management on features traditionally handled by telephone systems – voicemail, queuing, call distribution, recording and management. This can be  administered by intranet or online depending on requirements. Nawsons VoIP and PBX solutions provide the best of upcoming VoIP technology allowing for scalability and flexibility. in addition it offers, reverse compatibility for legacy telephone systems providing you with the best of both worlds.

Having a resilient telecommunications infrastructural is critical for modern businesses. Some of the features Nawsons VoIP and PBX provide can be found below:

  • Auto-Attendant – This service isn’t quite a secretary but it acts as a virtual receptionist which can organize the calls that you’re receiving as they come in.
  • Call blocking features – There are many different types of blocking that you can use and you’ll want to make sure that you choose the right one. Individual blocking by number is possible, automatic telemarketer blocking is another.
  • Call Centre Features – If you have a lot of incoming phone calls and need a way to divert them and take them as they come in.
  • Call log records – logs your calls for you so that you can keep track of your communication.
  • Call transfers – This is a feature that allows you to answer the phone wherever you are at and then transfer the call to any of your other phones at any time during the call. This makes it convenient to switch between desk phones and mobile phones.
  • Click to call widget – Add them to websites and social networking profiles so that people can automatically call you without requiring access to your personal phone number. This keeps your calls coming in but your number private.
  • Conference calling – This allows for several people to speak in one conversation. This can include video conferencing although that’s going to depend whether you mostly use your VoIP on-the-go or in the office.
  • In-Network Calling for Free – Where you can place free calls to anyone who has a phone in the same network.
  • Integration with Outlook  Lets you make calls using information stored in your Outlook address book.
  • Messaging alert features – Maybe you don’t want to have phone calls automatically forwarded to your mobile phone. However, it might be convenient to know when those calls have come in. You can get a simple alert about the call instead of receiving the call itself.
  • Network Unavailable Forwarding – With this service, you can pre-set your cell phone number into the system so that your calls will still come through to that number automatically even if the system has gone down.
  • Voice Mail Folders – Forwards all of your voice mail messages to an email account and then allows you to sort it into different folders.
  • Voice Mail Transcription – This is a service that takes your voice mail messages and turns them into text. That text can be sent as an email which you can then read from your mobile internet. This lets you receive your messages when not in a place where it is appropriate to be on the phone.