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Nawsons Consulting Services believes that product and services innovation is a key part of growth for every business, within all industries — whether it be high-tech product innovation, packaging innovation in consumer goods or process innovation in financial services companies. Now more than ever innovation is key to growth and sustaining competitive advantage.

When creating innovation in service processes, Nawsons uses new or improved ways of designing and producing services. This may include innovation in service delivery systems. Innovation of this sort may be technological, expertise-based or a matter of work organization (e.g. restructuring work between professionals and paraprofessionals).

Nawsons construct service innovations that include replicable elements; these can be identified and systematically reproduced in other cases or environments. This allows for a significantly improved service concept that is taken into practice. When we innovate new solutions for customer interface, we help our clients find new customer interaction channel and in turn develop their customer relationship.